The Parc

The Restaurant

The Parc: The Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes is above all a place to stroll in the middle of a lush vegetation & natural environment. We have the largest number of tortoises reared in the world including 1000 tortoises, 2000 crocodiles, 23 000 butterfly and insects species in our insectarium, monkeys, iguanas, deers... The Restaurant "Le Crocodile Affamé",can hold (welcome) 120 persons in luxuriant greenery where birds come to you to be given pieces of bread.

The shop


At the “Crocod’ile Shop” you will find hand bags, wallets and other articles made from farmed crocodile skins, as well as a range of other “Made-in-Mauritius” gifts and souvenirs, which will help remind you of your visit to the Park...

In addition to the captive breeding programmes in place at La Vanille for a number of threatened species, and the establishment of the François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve in Rodrigues, La Vanille is also involved in other conservation projects in Mauritius and Madagascar.

Pépinère des Mascareignes Nursery

La Vanille has two forest conservation projects, one at Chamarel and one at Anse Jonchée. These projects consist of removing invasive alien plant species from the remnant Ebony dominated tropical hardwood forests growing in those areas.  




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